Jabula - Rooted in Happiness

Jabula, derived from the Zulu African language, translates to "be happy." The concept behind the Jabula Doll is to bring joy into the lives of our children, offering them dolls that not only mirror their appearance but also celebrate their uniqueness. At the same time, it extends this joy to children of diverse backgrounds, regardless of their skin tone or hair type—a doll crafted to resonate with every ethnicity. Our dolls are meticulously fashioned from premium fabrics, with hair intricately woven into individual plaits and carefully hand-stitched into a variety of styles that stimulate imaginative play. These dolls are not just timeless; they also provide years of delight and enjoyment.

Our dolls boast robust bodies made from outdoor-grade fabric and feature intricately hand-braided hair extensions, providing delightful texture and detail for the enjoyment of your little ones. We produce our dolls in small batches and are pleased to accommodate custom orders. (Please note that they are not suitable for children under 3 years old unless specifically requested without the beads and button details).