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Urban Yuppi offers unique and one-off scatter cushion collections, we have become known for our expertise in providing a customised and curated scatter cushion offering. We are delighted to share our knowledge on how we mix and match colours, patterns, and sizes to
create that perfect look!

Choosing the perfect cushion cover isn't just about matching colours or prints. Consider the texture, size, and fabric to create a balanced look. Always remember to consider your style and the functionality you require. While trends come and go, picking a style that you resonate with will ensure that your décor feels fresh for years to come. Both 55 x 55cm and 60x60cm sizes are popular, fitting different needs and furniture sizes with either 60 x 40cm or 70 x 50cm added for layering.


Urban Yuppi core collection of scatter cushions…

The psychological benefits of a neutral palette can create an atmosphere that is tranquil and peaceful and make your home an ideal place to relax and recharge.

Covers for cushions that are monochromatic are a trend in modern interior design, however, their impact isn't new. Based on minimalist design principles that emphasise cohesion and simple and simplicity, monochromatic schemes use different shades of one colour to create a harmonious appearance.

What makes this style unique is its capacity to create mood and ambience using subtlety and subtlety. Neutral colours aren't just a safe option they're an effective choice that provides numerous advantages. They are the perfect starting point to build your cushion collection.

They aren't boring neutral colours like beige, cream, white, and grey, offer a calm and tranquil ambience that is universally attractive. Texture and manufacturing detail added to a neutral scheme will instantly elevate it to a luxury look.


The Urban Yuppi curated collection of scatter cushions…

Choosing the right cushion covers is vital for adding character to your living spaces. The designs, textures, and colours can dramatically change the ambience. They serve as practical yet chic solutions to revamp your decor without a complete overhaul.

The feeling created by your choice of soft furnishings is just as important as the design process. Consider the colour in the room, the style of your
furniture and fittings and the style you're trying to create, for example, cottage, vintage, coastal etc. Also, consider your taste, do you like a tonal pallet, contrasting or accent colours, or perhaps you are drawn to realism and want your scatters to be an art form or tell a story? These elements are more important than choosing a plain, pattern and geometric/stripe which is the traditional way to select your cushions. 

Our selections for our store cushions and those in our projects are based on the choice of the fabric which is very often our starting point, we are exposed to so many amazing fabrics I never know what will catch our attention next, but my general rule is to always select soft muted tones of any colour as they work within most spaces and don’t overwhelm other details in the room. 

Textured fabrics have gained popularity because of their warmth and lavish appearance. These luxury materials provide more than just aesthetic appeal and provide a multi-sensory experience that can completely transform an area. The soft velvety feel and the smooth matte finish of suede are inviting to the touch to create a sense of warmth, comfort and a sense of well-being.

In today's interconnected world, globalisation is having a transformative effect on many aspects of our lives, including our home décor. Culture continues to intermingle with the needs to support our communities, therefore homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to incorporate a sense of the above into their cushion selections. This is particularly noticeable in the rising trend of cushion covers featuring tribal and ethnic prints reinvented in a modern way.

With hundreds of samples in our studio, Make Life Simple, we can curate your perfect scatter collection, contact us for an appointment.