Your home reflects the story of who you are, what you love, and the world you want to create for you and your loved ones. Your home is where your stories are made and where your stories are shared. It is your sanctuary for all of life’s ordinary and extraordinary moments, filled with interesting elements, calming and comfortable style, and your personality. Everything we do is designed to tell your story to make your home you in every possible way, infused with our Katie Allen & Co/Urban Yuppi touch.


They are intended for clients with large-scale projects who are looking to hire Katie Allen & Co. to design and execute their jobs from start to finish. New Build + Remodel Design is best suited for construction projects where Katie and the Urban Yuppi Team manage all aspects of the design process for the majority or totality of a home (i.e. large-scale renovations and new builds) or full home furnishings for the majority or totality of a home.

Our holistic approach to the design of your home ensures that we will provide design and project management services through all phases of the project, from initial design concepts, through construction design documents, ordering, tracking and fulfilment of all products, and final installation.

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The design process can be overwhelming, so we take our role as your partner in this journey as seriously as our design vision. No matter your needs or the size of your project, we are committed to guiding you through the process with professionalism, confidence and understanding.

Our job is to make you excited and at ease with every decision during the entire process, whether it is a full refurbishment or a simple makeover. We work on both residential and commercial projects ranging from furnishing/decorative jobs to large-scale renovations and new construction. After 17 years in the industry, we have tackled many different projects each one with a unique story!

We pride ourselves on being a full-service interior design studio that is collaborative, service orientated and a true partner in the process. We have a proven portfolio of relationships and projects that showcase our ability to not only create beautiful spaces but work seamlessly with architects, builders and tradespeople. From selecting architectural details and finishes to designing a functional, beautiful space with furniture, fabrics and decor, we are here to bring your dream to life with our Urban Yuppi touch. We have gained a reputation for creating beautiful, timeless spaces that have an inherently relaxed, everyday luxury-inspired aesthetic.

We are based on the sunny south coast of KwaZulu-Natal and soon Gauteng in South Africa, however, we partner with clients all over the country using a combination of modern technologies and have had great success working on out-of-province projects.



We will send you a questionnaire on enquiry, once this has been submitted your consultation will be scheduled for your desired service, and our team will meet you at your home or via video conference (depending on the service selected) to discuss the details of your design needs and determine how we can help bring your vision to life. Our team will be in touch to confirm the consultation and request any additional information needed in advance.


Once we have all the information required including floor plans, inspiration photos, design/mood boards, budget, etc. we will schedule a design meeting with you to discuss your preferences and goals for the project. From there, we start with the layout and design direction. Then, we bring the layout to life with design boards and renderings that include options for colour palettes, furnishings, finishings, fixtures, etc. (depending on what’s needed). It is important to us that before selecting materials and placing orders everyone is collectively aligned on an approved concept for every space we’re designing.

Phase Three - DETAILS:

Once a design concept and costing is approved, we finalise the design and pull together quotes for your approval. This includes specifications of furnishing/decor and construction materials. This could include sourcing and purchasing fixtures, flooring, slabs, paint, furniture, lighting, window treatments, etc. To ensure all projects are executed as intended, we purchase and decide on all materials associated with the design on your behalf by partnering with a list of trusted vendor partners. Upon the completion of this phase of work, our team will be ready to prepare for construction and/or final installation (if applicable).

Phase Four - EXECUTION:

Once all details are finalised and all items are ordered, our team will begin executing all aspects of the installation and final styling. On renovation or new construction jobs, this will include overall construction project management and coordination with your contractor. Rather than piecemeal installations as items deliver, we schedule a day (or multiple days depending on the project scale) to have our team execute the installation and transform your space all at once for a grand reveal.