Urbanity life T’s and C’s


We would like to inform you that Urban Yuppi and Urbanity Life do not have our own courier and international shipping services.

We do offer the service to book a third-party courier for your items to be shipped on your behalf, however the following disclaimer needs to be signed for us to continue.

  1. Urban Yuppi and Urbanity Life does not offer a professional packing service. We do pack your items as best we can at no extra cost to you, however Urban Yuppi cannot be held responsible for any damages due to the packaging. If you are concerned about our packaging, we recommend that you acquire a professional service to come to our premises and pack your goods as per your specifications, at your own cost.
  1. The representatives at Urban Yuppi/Urbanity Life will provide you with a quotation by a third-party courier/shipping company for your approval. Once the items have been collected by the Third-party courier of your choice, Urban Yuppi/Urbanity Life will not be held responsible for any damages or loss of the goods.

If you require additional insurance on your items, we can request this from the third-party courier/shipping company at your own cost. There is no liability cover included in the quotations to ship your goods unless the quote from the courier company says otherwise.


K W Allen T/A – urban yuppi/Urbanity Life

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