Urban Yuppi T’s and C’s

TERMS & CONDITIONS (Retail and online)

  K W ALLEN – Trading as Katie Allen & Co, Urban Yuppi /Urbanity Life hereinafter referred to as (“UY/UL”)

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the sale of all and any Products.
  2. UY/UL supplies a number of antique, vintage, handcrafted products/artefacts which display markings, inconsistencies and/or imperfections.
  3. Antique, vintage, products/artefacts are by nature products previously owned, therefore the condition at the time of purchase is what is displayed in-store.
  4. The customer warrants that they have been given sufficient opportunity to inspect and examine the Products in store and have chosen to purchase the Products “on an as is” and/or voetstoots basis.
  5. UY/UL does not extend any warranty on wear and tear, therefore the Customer is responsible to treat the Product with great care during storage and use, UY/UL will not accept liability for deterioration of any Product due to careless handling, cleaning or storage.
  6. All risks of the Product shall pass to the customer upon collection by the customer or the customer’s nominated transporter.
  7. All Products remain the property of UY/UL until payment is received in full.
  8. Please retain your invoice as proof of purchase. Regrettably, no exchanges or refunds will be considered without the original invoice.
  9. While every attempt has been made to show our Product in their true form, some Products may vary slightly from the image shown in our store or on our website. We regret that no responsibility can be accepted for variations which add to the unique characteristics of our store’s Products.
  10. UY/UL does not offer a storage facility for Products purchased. In the event of a purchased Product not being collected within 14 business days after the customer has been notified that it is available for collection, a storage fee of 5% of the order value will be charged for the customer’s account. This storage fee must be settled in full prior to the delivery and release of the Product. UY/UL will not be liable for any loss, damage, or theft to Product not collected within 14 days of payment.
  11. UY/UL endeavours to comply with the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008 (hereinafter referred to as “the CPA”). Should any problem arise communicate with us immediately.
  12. If you are entitled in law to return a Product, then and in line with the CPA a handling fee of up to 15% of the value of the Product may be charged when the product is not returned in its original purchased/packaged condition.
  13. Please choose carefully. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind or make the wrong decision.
  14. Under no circumstances will UY/UL accept the return of Products where the customer has been afforded the opportunity to inspect the Product prior to the purchase and subsequently changed his/her mind about the Product.
  15. For public health reasons, we cannot accept the Return of linen or bathroom goods, towels, scarves, shirts, and jewellery.
  16. In the event that a Product purchased is defective / damaged, UY/UL will, after inspection and at UY/UL management’s discretion, either Exchange, Refund or Repair (if possible). Should you wish to elect a refund, all refunds will be processed allowing 7 business days for the funds to reflect once the credit has been processed.
  17. UY/UL reserves the right to properly inspect and make informed conclusions regarding Products that customers “allege” are defective/damaged. Kindly note that markings and/or imperfections are an inherent part of the very nature of our Vintage/Antique/ Handcrafted products, rather than what may be perceived as damage or a fault.
  18. If we conclude that the defect/damage is as a result of misuse, abuse, neglect or normal wear and tear, or the Product has been disassembled, Treated, physically altered, used or incorrectly installed by a customer, UY/UL reserves the right to refuse an Exchange or Refund.
  19. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.
  20. Transportation of products is at the sole risk of the customer. UY/UL will not be liable for any loss, damage, or theft during transportation. All risks of the Product shall pass to the customer upon collection by the customer or the customer’s nominated transporter.
  21. A 70% deposit is required in advance for any and all orders. This includes custom orders as well as reserving stock for a customer longer than 48 hours, or if we need place an order with a supplier or manufacturer.
  22. You may not cancel an order for custom orders prior to delivery, unless UY/UL allows, in its sole and absolute discretion. In the event that the custom order is cancelled, the customer will forfeit any deposit or amount already paid for the custom order.
  23. When requested customers will be provided with a quotation for all custom orders. It is your responsibility to verify the correctness of all information on the quotation before UY/UL places an order with its supplier or manufacturers.
  24. As many of our products are manufactured from traditional products such as wood, UY/UL takes care to inspect all final Products to ensure that they are free from infestation.
  25. If there is any evidence of infestation within 14 days after receipt of our Products, UY/UL will take responsibility for collection and fumigation of the Products at our own expense.
  26. However, as woodborer infestation can occur at any time during the service life of our Products, we cannot accept liability for infestation after the 14 days, and the products are deemed free from infestation, or other defects, at such a time.
  27. We however ask our customers to take care of our Products during storage and use, UY/UL will not accept liability for deterioration of our Products due to careless handling, cleaning or storage in corrosive or otherwise unsuitable environments.
  28. While UY/UL will take every reasonable precaution of care, UY/UL shall not be held liable for any loss or damage of any customer goods during modification, framing, or mounting due to latent defects.
  29. Please retain your original Credit note as proof of credit available with UY/UL. Regrettably no credit due will be considered without it.

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