My Basket



The texture of a basket weave creates this stunning pattern, a modern take on a check.

COLOURS: Black & White
Indigo Blue & White

DIMENSIONS: A 35mm x 35mm frame profile to give the product a contemporary look. The matte board (art board surrounding image) is a premium matte white 50mm x 500mm with a non-yellowing core.

FINISHED SIZE: 600 x 600 mm

Additional information


Our offering comprises a collection of unique stand out photography on print.The contemporary framed photo uses a single profile available in matt white or black.


We can also offer the art as a canvas in various sizes please contact us for customised options.We also have a range of stunning images we haven’t launched yet, so if you are looking for something special please ask us for our full catalogue.


All our beautiful products are designed, printed and made in South Africa providing jobs and adding value to our local economy.


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