Katie Allen and Co T’s and C’s

1. FEES:As no two projects are the same our fees will be agreed on a job per job basis and detailed either on the quote or in a propsal document. As per given in our estimate quotation.
2. PERIOD:Unless other arrangements are made and reduced to writing, the standard period for completion is 6 to 8 weeks from the date of acceptance in writing and deposit paid.
3. INCREASES:The estimate is SUBJECT to any unforeseen increments in the trade and/or materials OF WHICH WE WILL INFORM THE CLIENT BEFORE PURCHASING IN WRITING and will only proceed with client authorization.
4. EXTRAS:Any increase in the quotation in respect of all additional work and/or changes required and requested by the client will be for the account of the client and payable on installation.
5. NO RETURNS:All warranties will be vitiated if the care instruction are not adhered to and if the defect was due to negligence misuse and abuse. 
 If the consumer views a product as defective we reserve the right to send the product for an assessment and should the assessment confirm that the product’s defect is subject to misuse, abuse or negligence or not adhering to the care instructions provided, then you will be liable for all costs relating to the query such as but not limited to delivery, inspection and labour. When goods fall within the ambit of special order goods then the product must be reasonable in accordance with the order placed as we will not be liable unless grossly dissimilar to the written instructions of the client. Client will be liable for the full amount as per the quotation/invoice whichever has been specifically agreed to on the date that the order has been made.
6. COMPLAINTS:All valid complaints must be made within 10 days after the INSTALLATION date. 
 The client must confirm the following in writing for a complaint to be attended to:
 6.1  that they have adhered to the care instructions provided.
 6.2  that in the event that the product post assessment is not defective that they will be liable for all costs relating to such query including and not limited to delivery, inspection and labour.
 6.3  an explanation of why they did not inform us of the defect at the time of installation.
7. PROPERTY:All items/material remain the property of the KATIE ALLEN & Co until such time as contract price is paid in full.
8. PROCESSING:ONLY upon receipt of the required 70% deposit and agreement of this estimate will any orders be processed.
9. PAYMENT:Payment to be made by the client as follows:
 Upon acceptance of this Estimate: 70% Deposit: 
 On installation: 30% Balance  
 By prior agreement 10% may be withheld for completion should the project have snags or is not completed on the installation date.
 Katie Allen & Co DO NOT ACCEPT Credit Card payment for quoted work unless by prior arrangement. Our credit card facility is for the retail division of our business where we have built the cards cost into our prices.
 Bank: First National Bank
 Branch: Shelly Beach
 Code: 250062
 Account No: 62126982356
 Please use your Estimate No and Surname as Reference
11. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION:In presenting our quotation or any design concept to our client in any format is done so confidentially and is the intellectual property of KATIE ALLEN &Co. It cannot be used to obtain better pricing from other design houses or suppliers. If this should happen we will charge for our design and consultation time.
12. DELIVERY & MILEAGE:DELIVERY costs may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. Prices given in a quote are subject to change which will be detailed on the final invoice. Any price increase is subject to the pre-authorization by the client.
13. FABRIC / MATERIAL DISCLAIMER:Once a fabric or window finish has been selected and agreed with the client Katie Allen & Co take no responsibility for the movement, fading, or shrinkage of any item. Alternations due to the above will be for the clients account. 
14. INSTALLATION DISCLAIMER:When installing curtains or window finishes if ceilings and floors are not level we cannot be held responsible for the variations in the lift from the floor. Old hardware and any item to be moved will be charged for.
15. INTEREST:Interest will be added to all invoices not paid within 7 days of date of issue. Interest will be calculated according to the current maximum prescribed interest rate.
16. READ THIS ESTIMATE:Details on the quote must be checked by the client, we cannot change replace or refund any retail/manufactured goods when installed or delivered if they are not what the client imagined or the client has “buyer remorse”.
17. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS:Katie Allen & Co cannot be held responsible or liable for any defects caused by environmental conditions.
18. BUILDING DISCLAIMERThe quote provided by Katie Allen & Co is only for fit out and decorative installation and the building and state thereof will not be Katie Allen & Co responsibility and insurance must be held by the client for all structures.
19. SUB CONTRACTORKatie Allen & Co will  not be  held respobsible for any damage caused by sub contractors paid by cleint but under their management.